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  • Gents Facial Sevices

    Beard tidy & shape up 

  • Beard Shape Up

    Maintain the look for a clean and shaped beard on its own or with any hair cut service.

    Using scissors and clippers where needed for a natural or clean cut look whatever desired.

    Shaped with a razor to finish for cleaner edges.

    30 minutes, from £8.00

  • Gentleman’s Hair

    A range of hair services from young chaps to gentlemen using either clipper work or scissor work to achieve desired styles and shape.

  • All Over Grade Cut

    One grade length all over with clippers only.

    15 minutes, from £12.00

  • Gents Classic Cut

    30 minutes, from £23.00

  • Gents Cut & Beard Trim

    45 minutes, £31.00

  • Skin Fade & Beard Trim

    1 hour, from £33.00

  • Ladies Hair

    We offer services for ladies and girls in all aspects of cutting & styling, from short hair to long hair and restyles.


  • Ladies Cut & Finish

    45 minutes, from £40.00

  • Ladies Wet Cut

    This is a cutting only service and does not include a full blowdry (rough dry only) 

    This is more ideal for ladies with shorter hair such as bobs and cropped styles.

    30 minutes, from £23.00

  • Child Hair

  • Child Cut Under 5

    Tidy trims for girls and boys.


    30 minutes, from £17.00

  • Child Cut Under 12

    Tidy trim for girls and boys 

    30 minutes, from £19.00

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  • Skin Fade

    45 minutes, from £25.00

  • Restyle Cut

    Please select this option if you require a complete restyle to ensure we have extra time where needed.

    Select this option if it has been six months or longer since your last cut.

    1 hour, from £30.00

  • 0 services selected

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